Flower Mound Lumineers

Are you in Flower Mound and interested in Lumineers? Consider a complimentary consultation with Dr. Hal Stewart.

Dr. Stewart has special training and years of experience with porcelain veneers and can discuss whether Lumineers are the right choice for you.

Lumineers vs. Porcelain Veneers

Lumineers are a brand name for one type of ultra-thin porcelain veneer. (Click here to  learn more about porcelain veneers.) They are made by the Santa Maria, CA-based DenMat Corporation.

Lumineers are known for being particularly strong and very thin, and are marketed as requiring no advance tooth preparation and as a “reversible”  and “pain free” type of porcelain veneer. In truth, there are many different brands of porcelain veneers, of which many are also as thin as Lumineers.

Cautions About Lumineers

In the hands of a skilled cosmetic dentist, very little tooth preparation is required to receive any porcelain veneer and the process should not be painful. Lumineers can be a good option for some patients, but are not appropriate in every situation. In some cases, because all veneers are thin slivers of ceramic and will add depth to whatever they are bonded to, patients have experienced problems smiling or talking, due to having noticeably wider and thicker teeth, after receiving “prepless” veneers from a less experienced dentist.

When choosing a dentist in Flower Mound for receiving Lumineers, you should be careful to choose a dentist with demonstrated experience treating a variety of cosmetic issues with porcelain veneers and who is comfortable with both using different ceramic materials and doing both traditional and prepless bonding techniques.

If you are interested in getting Lumineers, but aren’t sure if they are right for you, it might be helpful for you to schedule a complimentary consultation. This brief visit would not involve a dental examination, but would just be a quick look and discussion to discuss your treatment options. Dr. Stewart has lots of experience with different types of porcelain veneers and can discuss which products and procedures would be appropriate to meet your treatment goals.