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Dr. Stewart is one of only two dentists in Texas offering comprehensive dentistry that encompasses both oral health, as well as explores the overall health of a patient. A nationally renowned cosmetic dentist, Dr. Stewart teaches throughout the US. We offer minimally invasive dentistry, oral DNA screening, occlusion and bite disorders, TMJ, and cosmetic dentistry. When not in the office or lecturing, Dr. Stewart plays guitar in his own band, is an avid motorcycle rider, professional photographer, and long distance runner. Get to know Dr. Stewart, and learn about dental developments, tips and tricks, and office events in this blog.

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8 Common Things You Do That Damage Your Teeth

October 31, 2016
Roz Walker

You would think everyone knew by now their teeth were really made for chewing food. Though there are many who stand by this belief, there are a growing number of  Read More